Decentralized Crossborder Ecommerce Protocol

eChain is a decentralized storage and blockchain technology contract of exchanging commodities flow and trade information in ecological cross-border e-commerce. The high reliability and autonomy economy mechanism and the safety, transparently and high-effectively storage of product, trade and circulation information is supported by eCoin with insurance built-in. A product’s life cycle including manufacture, source, sales and after-sales is built as cross-border e-commerce infrastructure to face the future.


In 2020 the total consumption of the global market willreach 10000 billion dollars with 2 billion consumers.

Consumer Market

In 2020 the total consumption of the global market willreach 10000 billion dollars with 2 billion consumers.

Problems of cross-border e-commerce vendors:

Lack of cross-border after-sales service

Long process cross-border transportation

Unstable customs clearance rules

Different currency settlement

Complicated logistics

Opaque commodity source

Expensive third party cost

Problems of cross-border e-commerce costumers:

Vendors’ credit

Loss, damage and delay

Returning and extra loss

Rejection and after sales warranty extension

Commodities’ authenticity and quality


What eChain brings


To build a open and flexible blockchain ecosystem and become the important part of the future cross-border e-commerce infrastructure.

Block Chain Ecosystem

Technical Plans


How we do it

02/Technical Points

big data on Chain

1.Security, reliability and transparency by decentralization.

2.Performance and real-time by off chain computing.

3.Data transaction by smart contract.

AI on Chain

1.Accurate AI model

2.Machine learning model and parameter adjustment.

3.AI’s hash by decentralized nodes

high frequency trade

1.Based on Raiden Network.

2.reduce the problems of checking payment ways

3.the possibility of agents being off-line during the transfer

03/Consensus Mechanism

eChain adopt innovative PoS + PoW consensus mechanism

Realize the high-efficiency operation of DAO

Defend the 51% computing power attack effectively

Effective use of the energy

Applied Ecology